a lonely god

❝The universe is b-i-g.
It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous.
And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.❞

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Archie didn’t hesitate before he gave his answer, it was as if he had been yearning for this chance since the day his sister died. He had already chosen his answer one hundred years ago, it had forever been on the tip of his tongue. “Then do it.”


"Right… okay," his response in return, nodding his head oh so slightly.


"—Before we begin on this venture though I’ll just have to fill you in on a few things. Run through some guidelines with you, if you will." the Doctor spoke once more whilst swiftly straightening up his bow tie, soon after that leading the fellow toward the TARDIS. "Going back in time is a right doddle, an amazing experience of course! But going back through your own timeline… well that’s a whole other story." Once by the doors of the time machine he spun on his heels to turn and face the gent, then with a click of his finger and thumb the doors flew wide open. "After you~"


Chim Chim Cher-ee - Mary Poppins


"…Could you?”

"—-Yes, well - rewriting the past can be a tricky situation at times. Even the slightest mistake can lead to…" A sudden pause as a heavy exhale escaped from betwixt the time lords lips. "It could possibly lead to something disastrous, like the end of time and space itself."

wwc - Favorite two characters (not Doctors or Companions) in six gifs each

     ↳   [2/2] Wilfred Mott


The Day of the Doctor deleted scene [x]


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